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Our Lofty Goals

What is HerKind Collective?

We are a group of women who believe in providing high quality articles and content to other women. We started this website as a way to breakdown the walls that the digital world has put up. Our goal is to provide you- the reader, with informative articles on health, wellness, balancing all that life has to hand us, and how to thrive while juggling it all. We are mothers, women without children, and women with grown children. We struggle. We all seek to find balance, or some form of peace within the ever-changing landscape of womanhood. We hope you will join us on this journey whether it be by joining our mailing list to receive the latest articles via email, following us on Facebook and/or Instagram, or dropping us a line if you want us to research and write an article about something you are curious about!

We strive to provide information that is balanced and fair. We hope we will live up to our readers high standards. Cheers!

Our Community Goal:

While our primary platform is the web, our goal is to create a one of a kind women’s support group directory. This directory will allow women of all ages to find and connect with others locally, in-person. If you know of a wonderful group local to you email us at and we will gladly at it to our listings. COMING SPRING 2020


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