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It's not too late for a fresh start!

Let's be real, the year is nearly over. But that doesn't mean the opportunity for a fresh start and goal setting has passed you by. The truth is that you can begin a new routine at any point in the year. Change doesn't happen overnight and it's crucial to be patient with yourself. Whether your goal has to do with getting a promotion at work, keeping a cleaner house, or busting past your PR.

I often hear the advice: break your goal down into smaller more attainable goals. But, that can be obscure advice when it comes to tailoring it to your personal life. Here are some tips that may help you to jumpstart your journey to improvement.

Break It Down! No really, further..

You really can't break your goal into small enough steps. Forget the year, month, week timelines. Let's focus on today! If you can write out a weekly plan for yourself which includes small steps to take each day towards your goal, not only will you

Be Honest with Yourself

When setting goals it's so important to be realistic. If your goals are so far out there, it can be discouraging when they become impossible to reach in the timeframe you've given yourself. You have to take into consideration your responsibilities in life. But, odds are your goal may have to do with self-improvement. Can I just say how important it is to prioritize these goals? I may sound like a broken record, but as women we tend to be caretakers to others in some form or another. That burden can weigh on us and it is crucial to ensure we have our health and energy to do all the things we set our minds to!

Talk About Your Goals

It's so easy to be embarrassed of your goals. When I first started thinking about creating this website I was embarrassed to tell anyone. Oh sure, people would think, another website. But, I realized that the more I talked about my goals and plans for the future the harder it was for my anxiety to shut them down.

Buy a Planner

It doesn't have to be a $50 planner. It could be a planner from the Dollar Tree. You could print out a planner at home. The point is to be deliberate with your time. Plan it out, girlfriend! If you put something in your calendar, you have scheduled in the time to get it done just like a doctors appointment or plans you've made with a friend. Don't cancel plans on yourself! My favorite part about writing things down when it comes to tasks is the great feeling I get when I can check it off or cross it out as completed. Try it, it honestly works!

Have Patience

There are a lot of things in life that need our patience. And our goals are one of them. We need to have patience and be gracious with ourselves, to our bodies, to our minds. If we don't, it's only going to cause unnecessary frustrations. I'm not speaking from a place of ignorance here. I have NO patience left for myself at the end of the day. I am my biggest critic and that can be a blessing and a curse.


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