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5 Easy Tips to ROCK your Intentions All Year Long!

Updated: May 16, 2020

by Jamie Day

With January well under way, it’s easy to get back into the routine and out of that fresh,

optimistic, New Year flow. The start of the year brings out our most motivated and inspired selves. Though we plan to keep it up all year, sometimes real life puts kinks in our plans. We let little setbacks derail our entire mindset. We make mountains out of molehills. We’re back at square one before we even realize what happened, and we give up on our dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The most important tool you have in maintaining your alignment and inspiration throughout the year will be your ability to get back on track. Not to avoid falling, but to stand back up when you do. When you notice your motivation slipping, give yourself grace and ask the universe to help you come back to peace and alignment with your desires.

Remember that the Universe responds to the feeling of the vibration you’re dwelling in, and not the words you say. For instance, you can ask the Universe for money all you want but until you find joy in all of the abundance in your life, the Universe will respond to your feelings of lack.

Here are 5 tips that you can apply throughout the year to help you stay focused on your aspirations and come back to your inspired self:


Saying “yes”, or even just “maybe” when you want to say NO teaches your brain, your body, and your energy that it can’t trust you. When we say yes to things that aren’t in alignment with our goals, we feel badly about ourselves throughout the whole thing that we’re doing. Your body feels the discomfort and your energetic vibration drops, making it much more difficult to manifest your desires into your reality.

If you’re saying to me “I’d like to say no to work today but I can’t get fired” then think about why you want to say no to work today and make an action plan. Are you burnt out and need a vacation? Do you need a career change? Get to the bottom of it!

2. Train your subconscious mind to work while you sleep

Train your subconscious mind to run a program while you’re sleeping by spending the last minutes before you fall asleep focused on gratitude and joy. Appreciate means “to make more of” so as your brain spends the night in a pattern of love and abundance, you’re using the law of attraction to bring more of that energy into your life!

3. As your environment goes, so goes your mind

Have you ever walked into your home or gotten a look at your work desk and thought “Ah this is a disaster, I don’t care how busy I am, I have to stop and clean this up now or I can’t get anything done.”

When you surround yourself in chaos and clutter, your energy matches it, and the Universe reciprocates. Clean, declutter, sage smudge, sweep. Get the literal physical junk out, AND the energetic junk out.

Don’t stop at your home and office. Buy a beautiful wallet that you love to hold your money. Create a sacred space for yourself. Have a place you can go when you need solitude and peace (beach for me please!). And most importantly, surround yourself with like-minded people who will inspire and support you!!

4. Aligned Action

The other day, I saw an internet meme that said “I’m on that diet where you eat everything and pray for the best!” And it is funny but it’s actually important! Let’s break it down:

In theory, they’re doing everything right according to the law of attraction! Letting go of attachment to the outcome, praying, etc.. But the action word in the sentence (eat) is followed by everything (which is a word indicating a lack of boundaries) so the action that this person is taking is out of alignment with their goals!

It’s not to say that you can’t manifest things without effort. It’s possible. But you’ll get there a lot faster when you’re making little moves daily to put action behind your intentions. If you want to manifest money but are not respecting the money that you have now, that’s out of alignment. If you want to manifest money with aligned action, try donating just a few dollars to your favorite charity, try being brave and looking for a new job, try being grateful for every single penny that comes your way.

5. Make a vision board!

Creating a piece of art to display your intentions and desires is not a new concept, but if you’re going to give it a shot there are some things you should know to help you make the most of it.

Create a sacred space for yourself when you’re making your board by using music you love, scents that make you feel great, your favorite crystals, etc.. As you’re selecting what to put on your board, be choosy- not everything you’ve ever wanted deserves this honored place. The Universe likes specificity so keep it to the items (literal or symbolic) that are most important to you.

When you’re putting your board together, believe it or not it’s best to keep things neat and tidy. This isn’t your ordinary collage art. We don’t want to manifest that energy of clutter and chaos so keep it simple and fresh. As you’re gluing your work down, spend some time visualizing what it will be like when you have these things. Really get into the feeling of it, and then hang it somewhere you’ll look at it daily so that you can recreate these feelings!

Have you tried any of these tips? How have they helped you manifest your desires? I’d love for you to find me on Instagram at @mediumjamieday and share your intentions with me!

Jamie is an evidential psychic medium working internationally based out of North Shore Massachusetts. Her passion is helping people connect with the unconditional source of support in the universe for validation, love, and healing. To learn more about Jamie and her offerings visit


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